What to Expect at Apple Orthodontics

The First Appointment

This appointment involves a complete orthodontic examination from Our doctors and a discussion with the patient of the following:

  • Is orthodontic treatment needed and how severe is the problem
  • If treatment is needed, when is the best time to start
  • How long treatment will take
  • An estimate of the cost of treatment
  • Anticipated results

Starting Treatment

If orthodontics is necessary and the patient is ready to begin treatment, an appointment is made to obtain the following orthodontic records for diagnosis and treatment planning (occasionally this can be completed the same day as your first visit):

  • Orthodontic X-rays
  • Digital photos of the face, profile, and teeth
  • Treatment planning of any potential general dentistry work required prior to beginning orthodontic treatment.

After these orthodontic records are obtained, we will explain the required treatment plan and complete a financial agreement.


The cost of treatment is given at the first appointment. This cost will vary according to the complexity of the problem and the length of time it will take to correct the problem.

Methods of Payment include the following:

  • An initial fee when treatment begins and the balance on a monthly basis.
  • Payment in full with a discount off the total fee
  • Mastercard, Visa or Discover Card
  • Flexible Spending Accounts


We will do all the necessary paperwork for filing insurance forms. We ask that you assign your insurance benefit to our office. Please remember, professional care is provided to you and not to an insurance company.